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Metal Free Partial Dentures

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The AESTHETIC Flexible Partial

Seattle Dentist The AESTHETIC Flexible Partial

Just imaging the confidence patients will have. A natural tissue blend effect…with translucency exclusive to Valplast® that picks up the patient’s natural tissue tone…and there are no metal clasps to announce where the partial begins.

Patients love the aesthetic excellence of Valplast® every time they look in their mirror. It gives them the confidence they need to face the world. It’s a feeling they wouldn’t expect from a removable denture.

Valplast® is the aesthetically pleasing flexible partial.

The FUNCTIONAL Flexible Partial

Designed for the utmost in functionality to provide the needed strength without bulkiness. Patients can confidently resume normal – and comfortable mastication very soon after the insertion of the prosthesis.

In addition, the flexibility of the resin achieves the effect of a stress-breaker without complicated attachments. The gum tissue is gently stimulated under mastication, and unnatural stresses on the remaining natural teeth are substantially reduced.

The strength of the material is resistance to chemical breakdown provides a long-lasting, unbreakable partial. By distributing the stress more naturally in the mouth (compared to conventional partials), the remaining teeth and gum typically stay healthier longer than with a conventional partial.

Valplast® functions for the patients comfort, confidence, and oral health.

The QUALITY Flexible Partial

Seattle Dentist The QUALITY Flexible Partial  Valplast

Take decades of research, add years of refinement, mix with determination, experience, and perseverance. The result: The Valplast® Flexible Partial, the leader and original flexible dental restoration in our industry. That’s why Valplast International is so proud of its product, and why its quality remains unsurpassed.

Valplast® exercises the strictest quality control with every unit of material, designing the color to match the visual effect of veined gum tissue. Our techniques allow the processing laboratory to add any number of teeth or retention to an existing partial without sacrificing security.

Seattle Dentist The QUALITY Flexible Partial  Valplast

Valplast International Corporation is continuously expanding its technical support network to keep processing laboratories up-to-date on Valplast® techniques and products. This assures you that your processing lab has access to the latest technical advancements and our staff of experienced and knowledgeable technicians and instructors.

This means total confidence for your patient. All our work and effort goes into your patient’s satisfaction with their Valplast® restoration.


Valplast® means value. You get quality, aesthetic restorations at an affordable price…but that’s just the start of the value in a Valplast® Flexible Partial.

Valplast® Flexible Partials are a value alternative to work involving implants and fixed restorations. Although slightly more expensive than conventional partials, Valplast® offers a premium product with far more benefits in aesthetics, function, comfort, and reduced chairtime.

Patients prefer Valplast® over conventional partials, and many partial-wearers have their prostheses converted to Valplast® . By offering Valplast® you can add value to your practice.

Valplast® is the flexible partial for value in every case.

The “Living” Flexible Partial from Valplast International Corporation…It’s the Natural Choice.

Value. Aesthetics. Function. Quality. It’s easy to see why Valplast® is the simple choice for Flexible Partials. But the benefits to you and your patient don’t end there. Valplast® can also be used for many special applications where other materials have only limited success, such as:

  • Gum veneers: An aesthetic aid in the anterior part of the mouth wherever the gum is resorbed, or large interproxial openings are visible.
  • Night Guard: The special Val-Soft™ resin is used for durable shield over the surface of the teeth.
  • TMJ Splints: The unpigmented Valplast Hard White™ resin blends naturally with the teeth to provide an unbreakable, accurate, injection-molded TMJ appliance.
  • Space Maintainer
  • For replacement of missing teeth in pediatric cases: The unbreakability of Valplast® provides safety for children who must wear a prosthesis. The natural appearance of Valplast® , the light weight, and the thinness of the plate make Valplast® more readily acceptable to children.
  • For patients prone to breaking dentures or in unsafe environments: Psychiatric patients, patients in correctional facilities, police officers, athletes, can all benefit from the light weight and unbreakability of the Valplast® partial.
  • For periodontally compromised teeth: The tissue-bearing retention offers possibilities for retaining a removable partial without engaging periodontally involved teeth. Cases have been fabricated that allow loose teeth to stabilize yielding a healthier mouth.

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